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  TAS Computer Service 509-443-6568
Computer help for the home or office.
Data recovery. You delete it! We fix it.
Lost data? We fix the hard to fix.
Upgrade and reinstall systems.

This is another company that will assist you if you have a hard drive crash. Check them out!
Title:  IntelliRecovery Data Recovery

Description:  Global data recovery company specializing in hard disk and hard drive recovery for any operating system

URL:  www.intellirecovery.com

updated Aug 2019

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Computer help for the home office,
home school, small or large business.
Installations, upgrades, network setup,
backups and training on your system.
30 years computer service experience.

Call Russ in Cheney, WA  509-443-6568

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Tamer of unruly computers
Call for help before it's too late. Web site help and internet fun.
No job too small!
If you deleted some data we can help recover it.
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E-Mail  Russ99@TAS-NET.COM

The computer fixers, networks, updates, 
replacements and parts
Give us a chance to help you 
with your computer problems.               


call   509-443-6568

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TAS Computer Service 509-443-6568
Computer help for the home or office.